Grumman F-14 Tomcat at the Udvar-Hazy Center

Soar Together: Naval Aviation

Soar Together @ Air and Space: Naval Aviation

Explore the many aspects of naval aviation with these family activities. Learners can imagine their own futures in aviation by engaging in activities and experiences – like digital scavenger hunts and virtual demonstrations from our very own corps of Explainers. Together, we will celebrate the stories of innovators and explorers from diverse backgrounds who challenged conventions and created the world of aviation and flight that we know today. Soar Together will be available online for families to participate in, no matter where they live.

This program is part of the Soar Together @ Air and Space series, which launches the second weekend of each month.

Clothespin Airplane Holiday Decor

Add to this holiday season with a family activity that can be done at home using clothespins, popsicle sticks, and glue! 


The Navy’s World War II Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Services program recruited thousands of cryptologists to break enemy codes during World War ll. Can you decipher our secret code in this program? Use this decoder to create your own secret messages!

Science Demonstrations 

Participate in hands-on activities and science demonstrations you can do with your kids. Try landing a paper airplane at home with some tips from our Explainers!

Virtual Tour of an Aircraft Carrier

Explore the USS Intrepid Aircraft Carrier with a virtual tourand see what life is like on the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier in this video!

Naval Aviation Videos

Dive into the science, history, and engineering of naval aviation.

Naval Aviation Taking Off: Find out what it takes to fly off an aircraft carrier with our STEM in 30 crew.

Naval Aviation Glide Slope: Landing on an aircraft carrier is difficult but simple math paves the way for a smooth landing!

Naval Aviation Live Chat: In 2018, former naval aviator and current Southwest pilot Tammie Jo Shults made an emergency landing after the aircraft she was piloting suffered a blown engine and other damage. In this Air and Space Live Chat, Shults and museum curator Dorothy Cochrane discuss that day, the history of women pilots and the challenges they faced, and what kind of training it takes to have nerves of steel.

Flights of Fancy Story Time

Gather your little ones for virtual story time with the National Air and Space Museum as Museum educator Ann Caspari reads an original story and shares a hands-on craft.

Soar Together @ Air and Space is made possible by the generous support of

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