Respite From War

Posted on Thu, April 6, 2017

Even in the midst of the hardship and suffering of war, soldiers have always sought respite from battle through reminiscence of loved ones at home, following sports teams, thoughts of female companionship, humor, and comfort from those caring for their wounds. These efforts to take personal and psychological refuge from war found broad expression in the stone carvings left by soldiers on all sides.


Carving into a stone wall listing the score of the world series. Red Socks 7, Yanks 4

Figure of a woman engraved on stone.

Woman's portrait on stone

Engraving of a woman in profile.

Close up of an engraved mess kit.

“To One I Fondly Love”
Love poem engraved on a mess kit plate by an American soldier from Boston, 1918.
Lent by Association Soissonnais 14-18

Photographs by Jeff Gusky

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