Launch a Conversation

Posted on Wed, July 1, 2020

The recent SpaceX/NASA launch to the International Space Station and the upcoming NASA Perseverance Mars 2020 rover launch are two recent launches in the United States. Did you watch the SpaceX launch in May? Do you plan to watch the Mars rover launch later this summer? We are witnessing these launches as the country struggles through the coronavirus pandemic and nationwide protests over racial inequality, but previous launches also happened during contentious times. 

We invite you to Launch a Conversation with your friends and family about previous launches in our history and what was going on during those times. Encourage your kids to ask you and others questions like:

  • What launches do you remember?
  • What do you recall about those times and what was going on in the world and your own life?
  • What were the big concerns of those times? What were the social problems?

If your kids don’t quite know how to start the conversation, they can consider taking an interview approach. Check out this video featuring middle school reporter Jaden Jefferson on how to do an interview to help get your conversation started. 

After your conversation, share what you discover here at this page in the comments section. 

Our staff will review your comments and create short talks about social situations during other launches that we will release during our Mars Day programming later this month. Tune in to see if our staff highlight any of the comments you provided to us!