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Voyages to Mars: Dreaming

Posted on Tue, December 15, 2020
  • by: Katie Moyer, Executive Producer

Interplanetary road trips take a WHILE. So for this episode of Voyages to Mars, while we cruise onward towards the Red Planet, we’re listening to some poetry that pays tribute to long duration space travel. Our selections in this episode come from Orrery, a brand-new collection from author Donna Kane that pays homage to the Pioneer 10 space probe launched by NASA in 1972. Kane was inspired by Pioneer 10 to explore themes of consciousness, materiality, and transformation.

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About Voyages to Mars: Summer 2020, NASA’s Perseverance rover launched on its seven month journey from Cape Canaveral, Florida to Jezero Crater, Mars. To accompany Percy on its seven-month journey, we’re compiling a literary mixtape of Martian-themed sci-fi set to music by DJ Kid Koala. New episodes are released every month.

Voyages to Mars is made possible by the support of the Secretary of the Smithsonian and the Smithsonian Orlando Regional Council.