Capt Harlan A. 'Bud' Gurney

  • Wall of Honor Location:

    Foil: 14 Panel: 4 Column: 2 Line: 7

  • Wall of Honor Level:

    Air and Space Sponsor

  • Dedicated Panel:

    Retired United Pilots Association

  • Honored by:

    Ms. Hilda E. Gurney

Harlan A. Gurney (Bud) was born July 15, 1905 in Beatrice Nebraska. During his high school days he did odd jobs for the Nebraska Aircraft Corporation in Lincoln. When he was sixteen he was invited to take his first flight along with a student. The student was Charles A. Lindbergh. Later they barnstormed together, and remained close friends throughout their lives. Both flew airmail between St. Louis and Chicago. In 1932 he came West to fly for United Air Lines. He enjoyed his years with United until his retirement in 1965. His last professional flight was in a stretch DC-8. He died in Woodland Hills, California on November 28, 1982.

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