Delford M. Smith

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    Air and Space Leader

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    Ms. Dolores Botello

Delford M. Smith founded Evergreen Helicopters, Inc. (EHI) in 1960 with a pioneering vision of extraordinary applications for the helicopter. EHI grew to a family of seven synergistic companies known as Evergreen International Aviation. Today, Evergreen provides quality aviation services around the globe. From agriculture and forestry projects, to mineral and petroleum exploration and production, and utility construction, he proved the capability of the helicopter as an industrial workhorse. Along with the commercial and industrial work, Smith also saw the helicopter as an "angel of mercy".

A dynamic leader and dedicated humanitarian, Mr. Smith has been the guiding force in Evergreen's growth, development and customer service. Evergreen has worked with the United Nations World Health Organization for 25 years on the onchocerciasis program to eradicate the black fly, the cause of river blindness in thirteen West African countries. Other humanitarian missions include critical medical response service for hospitals, emergency airlift on starvation projects, rapid response to earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and peacekeeping worldwide. Smith also has an absolute commitment to national security, which is evident in the service his company provides to the United States of America.

Mr. Smith has served on numerous aviation related boards, including the Air Transportation Board of Directors National Transportation Defense Association Airlift Committee Board of Directors and the National Air Carrier Association Board of Directors. He is the recipient of many honors, including National Defense Transportation Association "Man of the Year" in 1993 for outstanding service in Desert Storm and Desert Shield. In December 1999, he received the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy for significant service of enduring value to aviation in the United States.

He is the Founder and Chairman of the Evergreen Aviation Museum and Captain Michael King Smith Educational Institute, a 501(c)(3) Museum dedicated in his son's honor and the home of Howard Hughes' Spruce Goose.

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