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  • Dr. Addison L. Bain Ph.D.
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    Dr. Bain had a forty-year career in the space business including thirty years with NASA. He supported the space programs at Redstone Arsenal, Cape Canaveral, Kennedy Space Center and Vandenberg Air Force Base. Declared a pioneer in the missile programs effective May 1959. A longtime member of the Naval Airship Association, Navy Lakehurst Historical Society and official supporter of the National Space Society. Served on the NASA/Air Force National Aerospace Plane (NASP) development program. A member of the Friends of the Smithsonian and a registered researcher of the NASM archives.
    Internationally known for his work in organizing hydrogen related institutions and associations in the quest to recognize hydrogen as the ultimate fuel for aviation and aerospace activities. On behalf of NASA, accepted the International Association for Hydrogen Energy Konstantin Tsiolkosvky Award for pioneering the applications of hydrogen for space exploration and for pointing the way to the utilization of hydrogen as a clean and renewable energy carrier for terrestrial applications.
    Recipient of the National Space Club lifetime achievement award, Strathmore's Who's Who lifetime honor and the America's Registry of Outstanding Professionals lifetime honor.

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