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  • Francis 'Frank' J. Foley II
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    Air and Space Friend

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    Norman Suzuki

    Francis 'Frank' J. Foley II

    Biography of Francis 'Frank" J. Foley II

    Engineering Fellow in Software System Safety Engineering at Northrop Grumman Corporation.

    Requested by USAF Software System Safety Working Group c/o Mr. Roger Lockwood HQ SMC/SDZ Los Angeles AFB to support the development of the USAF Software System Safety Handbook. Mr. Foley was recommended by the USAF Director of the B-2 Bomber Program Office for his pioneer efforts developing the Software System Safety Hazard Analysis of the B-2 Bomber. "Software System Safety is the process of identifying the major components or subsystems in the system that are software controlled and that have the most potential or risk of system or mission failure. I have a personal collection of over 1,000 papers published on Software Safety, I'll trade them all for just one hour listening to Frank Foley, a System Safety Engineer on the B-2 program who on his own had to discover the secret the hard way" Roger Lockwood, Chairman, USAF Softwre System Safety Working Group, Department of the Air Force, Headquarters Space and Missle Systems Center (AFMC) Los Angeles, CA 90245, 22 June 1994.

    - Identified as a Critical Skill to provide Software Safety Process, Methods and Lessons Learned to multiple Programs across Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems.
    - Lead Engineer for the development of Northrop Grumman Sector Wide Software Safety Policy.
    - Lead Software Safety Engineer for the B-2 Bomber
    - Lead Software Safety Engineer for the F-35
    - Lead Software Safety Engineer for the X-47B UCAS-D
    Note: Member of the 2013 Robert J. Collier Trophy Recipient Team for the X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System
    - Lead Software Safety Engineer for multiple Classified Programs at Northrop Grumman

    Bachelors Engineering Technology, Northeastern University, 1981 Software Safety Engineering Certificate Progam, UCLA, 1988 Safety Professional Certificate Progam, System Safety Society, 1994 System Engineering Certificate Program, CALTECH, 1996

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