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    Air and Space Benefactor

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    Mr. John W. Konrad Jr.

    John Konrad first flew a San Diego High School Glider at age 15, a short flight. Entered AAF in 1943 , became Aircraft Commander in B-17's assigned to 305th Bomb Group. Flew C-47 & C-54 in Berlin Airlift. Performed checkout in AAF B-24, B-25, B-26, C-45, P-38 and P-47 aircraft. In 1947 was assigned to Murock AAF and completed Test Pilot Training. While at Edwards AFB, flew all current fighters : P-80, F-84, F-86, F-89 and F-94. Flew developmental bombing missions B-29 and B-45. Performed test programs in JATO assist take-offs and KC-97 aerial refueling.

    Left Air Force in 1953 to join Chance Vought Test Program in 1954 and became Chief Experimental Test Pilot, Manager of Flight Test Ops and Director of Engineer Test until 1990.

    Charter Member and Fellow of SEPT, member of 4C's ( flew F-4U Corsair, F-7 Cutlass, F-8 Crusader and A-7 Corsair). Honory Memer of Fighter Access Association.

    On March 25, 1955 was the first aviator to fly supersonic in the Navy XF-8U1 on it's maiden flight. Achieved Mach 1.02 in level flight.

    Performed first flight Vought A-7 Corsair as well as the XC-141A Verticle Take-Off and Landing aircraft.

    Represented Vought Aircraft in five Paris Airshows and two at Farnboro in F-8 and A-7 aircraft.

    John Konrad loved Voughts group of Test Pilots and would do anything for them.

    After retiring from Vought in 1990 flew in numerous airshows representing the Confederate Air Force in F-4U Corsair until 1998.

    Was inducted into the Texas Frontiers of Flight Hall of Fame in spring of 2000.

    During his remarkable career, John was a loving husand to Marilyn and raised two sons in Dallas, Texas.

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