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  • Mary Ann Campana
  • Mary Ann Campana

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    Air and Space Friend

    Honored by:
    Mr. John Mc Lane

    Mary Ann Campana, Aviatrix, was born April 8, 1913 in Barren, Province L’Aquila, Abruzzi, Italy. Mary Ann Campana was educated in Youngstown, Ohio where she attended Oak Street Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, East High Schools and later Youngstown College.

    Mary Ann Campana's contribution to aviation and the Stale of Ohio has the distinction of being the first licensed young woman pilot at the age of 18. Further, on June 4, 1933, at the age of 19 with 44 hours flying time, she established the light airplane world's endurance record of 12 hours, 27 minutes over the Youngstown area in a 500 pound air-scarred Taylor Cub plane with 100,000 flying hours, 40 gallons of gasoline and no parachute, without refueling, before fog and storm forced her down.

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