Robert G. Hedgepeth

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    Air and Space Sponsor

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    F100 Super Sabre Society

Entered active duty in United States Air Force (USAF) on June 7, 1960, in Raleigh North Carolina.
Graduated from Undergraduate Navigator Training (Aviation Cadets) on April 20, 1961, at Harlingen Air Force Base Texas.
Assigned 4505th Air Refueling Wing (AREFW), 427th Air Refueling Squadron, Langley AFB, Virginia on April 21, 1961. Air Refueled the new F-4As 600 miles west of Lajes, Field Azores, during the fighter's first Atlantic crossing to Europe.
Deployed with 463rd Troop Carrier Wing, 773rd Troop Carrier Squadron from Langley AFB to Clark Air Force Base, Philippine Islands, November 14, 1965. Flew 496 Combat Support Missions in Southeast Asia. Completed first flying combat tour in Vietnam.
Graduated USAF Pilot Training Course, Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas, June 21, 1968.
Dual Rated Senior Pilot/Navigator
Assigned 27th Tactical Fighter Wing, 524th Tactical Fighter Squadron for F-100D Upgrade Training School, Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico, June 22, 1968.
Assigned 35th Tactical Fighter Wing, 614th Tactical Fighter Squadron (F-100D), Phan Rang Air Base, Republic of Vietnam, March 13, 1969. Flew 238 combat missions. Awarded Distinguished Flying Cross for extraordinary flight in mountainous terrain, adverse weather, and under hostile fire resulting in a sizeable enemy force being destroyed. Completed second flying combat tour.
Assigned 48th Tactical Fighter Wing, 493rd Tactical Fighter Squadron (F-100D/F), Royal Air Force Base (RAF), Lakenheath, United Kingdom, February 4, 1970. Dedicated Nuclear Alert Forces committed to targets in Eastern Europe.
Assigned to 354th Tactical Fighter Wing, 353rd Tactical Fighter Squadron, Myrtle Beach Air Force Base, South Carolina, December 24, 1971. Deployed with Wing October 14, 1972 (72 A-7D aircraft 3 Squadrons) to Korat Royal Thailand Air Base in support of Linebacker II. Flight Lead of 6 A-7Ds from Myrtle Beach AFB to Davis Monthan AFB to Hickam AFB to Guam AB to Korat RTAFB. This was the first time in USAF history an overseas deployment arrived at a predetermined destination and at a predetermined time with all 72 aircraft according to the Air Tasking Order. Flew 106 combat missions in North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Completed Third flying combat tour.
Retired Lt/Col USAF 30 June 1980.

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