Sir Michael Beetham, MRAF

  • Wall of Honor Location:

    Foil: 1 Panel: 4 Column: 2 Line: 4

  • Wall of Honor Level:

    Air and Space Friend

  • Honored by:

    Gilbert S. Guinn, Ph.D

USAAF Cadet Class 5E-42-K. Primary flying training, Lakeland, Florida, 1942; Basic flying training, Gunter Field, Montgomery, Alabama; Advanced flying fraining, Turner Field, Albany, Georgia. Graduated as a 1st Officer, 13 Dec 1942. In Britain, further training – AGU, OTUA, Lancaster Finishing School. Assigned to 50 Squadron, RAF. 0 sirties over Germany, DFC. Permanent commission in 1945. Squadron Leader. Rose to become Marshal of the Royal Air Force, Chief of the Air Staff, 1977-1982. In command of the RAF during the Falklands War.
Achieved the highest rank of c. 14,000 British cadets who were trained as pilots in the United States during World War II.
Sir Michael’s current retirement address is:
Barn Howe, South Creake,
Norfolk, NR21, 9PG,
England, U.K.

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