What is your family doing this month? 

Your family can soar together anywhere your plans take you, whether you're staying home and getting ready for school to start, exploring the outdoors or traveling for vacation. We've listed a lot of activities for you to choose from! Please note the age recommendations for easier browsing.

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Are you spending time at home or visiting friends or other family members? Try these indoor activities together.

Objects Tell Stories (ages 5+)

Museums collect objects that tell stories about people in history. Interview someone you know (a friend or family member) about an object in their home that is meaningful to them!

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Make Astronaut Mac & Cheese (ages 3+, adult participation required)

Scientists carefully research and prepare food for space missions so astronauts can eat food that is safe, nutritious, long-lasting, and tasty!

Follow the Recipe

To learn more about preparing food for astronauts, watch this STEM in 30 video.

Flights of Fancy Story Time: "Which Way is the Wind Blowing" (ages 3-6)

Museum educator Ann Caspari reads aloud the original story "Which Way is the Wind Blowing?" After the story, follow along during Craft Time to make windsocks and wind spinners with construction paper, scissors, tape, a straw, a skewer, and a plastic bag. 


Are you going to the park, the beach, or camping? Try these activities outdoors.

UFO Sights and Sounds (ages 4+)

When it comes to what UFOs may sound like, science fiction film and television composers usually use unconventional sounds that do not fit with what the human ear is used to hearing.

Make your own UFO shaker and experiment with sounds by collecting small objects outdoors to use in your shaker, like small rocks, shells, or acorns. 

Learn How to Make the Shaker

Land a Paper Plane on an Aircraft Carrier (ages 5+) 

Can you get a paper airplane to land on an aircraft carrier?  

Go to the activity then try different paper plane designs

When you're ready, head outside and decide what will be your aircraft carrier - it could be a large flat rock, tree stump, or you could mark out an area on the ground with sticks or rocks.

Exoplanet Dance (ages 5+)

Create your own dance inspired by exoplanets that spin and orbit around their stars. 

Try this in your backyard at night with a lantern or while camping with a lamp or campfire! 

Make sure to stay a safe distance from the campfire and move rocks or sticks you might step on.

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Anywhere with an Internet Connection

Are you at a library, community center, cafe, or anywhere with internet access? Try these activities:

Identify a UFO (ages 7+)

Have you ever wondered how UFO's are identified? 

Learn the steps to analyze a possible UFO sighting and investigate a real UFO report.

Explore Your World From Above (ages 6+)

Learn how to interpret satellite images through this guided activity using Google Earth activity. 

Explore your home neighborhood, where a friend or another family member lives, the area around your school, or where your family is taking a trip to! 

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It's A Sprint (ages 8+)

Learn about different kinds of planes and then place them in order from fastest to slowest. Then click the button that matches your guess to see if you are correct!  

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It's A Sprint (ages 8+)

Learn about different kinds of planes and then place them in order from fastest to slowest. Then click the button that matches your guess to see if you are correct!  

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On the Go

Summer plans have you on the go? These fun and engaging activities can be done from just about anywhere.

Looking Closely at Imaginary Worlds (ages  8+)

This activity explores science fiction vs. fantasy and the imaginary worlds that both create. Have conversations with your family about your favorite imaginary worlds, and then follow the steps to think up your own imaginary world.  

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Make Your Own Observation Journal  (ages 8+)

Practice making observations using the tools you carry around with you every day - your 5 senses! 

In this activity, create an observation journal using some of the same techniques NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) does to Watch - Gather - Inform about the weather.

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Astronomy Anywhere (ages 5+)

Observing the sky is a wonderful way to connect with nature and see amazing things! No matter where you are,  this activity will have you prepared to look up and explore. 

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