Explore how we protect ourselves from asteroids

On June 30, 1908, an asteroid caused a massive air blast that flattened thousands of square miles in Siberia. To mark the 110 year anniversary of the largest impact-related event in modern history, we're bringing in asteroid experts to discuss the threats asteroids pose and how we are protecting ourselves from the danger they may cause. Bring your questions as we talk all things asteroids! 

The discussion will be moderated by the Applied Physics Laboratory's Cheryl Reed, who works on the asteroid deflection demonstration mission. Speakers include: 

  • Museum geologist Jim Zimbelman on the importance of impacts throughout the solar system
  • NASA astronaut Tom Jones on the asteroid hazard from a scientist-astronaut's perspective
  • NASA scientists Lindley Johnson and Kelly Fast on NASA's planetary defense activities

This program is in recognition of Asteroid Day, a UN-sanctioned global awareness campaign.

How to attend

National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC

6th St. and Independence Ave SW. Washington, DC 20560
CLOSED - 113