Aviation and spaceflight transformed how Earth came to be viewed and understood as an interconnected world.

One World Connected tells the story of how taking to the skies and stars fostered two momentous changes in everyday life: the ease in making connections across vast distances and a new perspective of Earth as humanity’s home. Featuring an array of satellites and other tools that have increased human connection, the exhibition asks visitors to consider how global interconnection touches their lives and to imagine how advances in technology might impact our near-future.

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Location in Museum National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC
Gallery 207
Map of the second floor of the National Air and Space Museum's Washington, D.C., building, highlighting in yellow Gallery 207 on the south side of the building, one room west of center.
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The entrance to the gallery.

The exhibit features an interactive recreation of the ISS Cupola.

Preview the Exhibit Inside One World Connected Communications Satellites Passenger Flight Faces of Our Planet August 05, 2022 5 Ways We Have Connected Our World August 07, 2022 Seeing Earth Through Astronaut Eyes August 12, 2022 Three Ways Satellites Help Us Understand Our Environment August 09, 2022 A Year of Anniversaries for Record-Setter Bill Odom and the Beechcraft 35 Bonanza May 20, 2019 The TIROS 1 Weather Satellite and Its Environmental Legacy April 01, 2020 How Communications Satellites Helped the World Mourn JFK November 21, 2018 How Satellites Track Storms From Space September 14, 2018

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David and Lisa Tolley

Carolyn and Peter D. Nesgos
Jason Rowe
Andrew and Laurel Sukawaty

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