Camera, Data Acquisition, Lunar Module, 16mm, Apollo 12

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This 16mm data acquisition camera (DAC) was used to document the undocking of the Apollo 12 lunar module from the command module and its landing on the Moon on November 19, 1969. The camera was routinely mounted on a bracket in the right side window of the lunar module, and could continue to run during astronaut EVA activities. After damage occurred with the Apollo 12 television camera, this DAC captured some of the only moving images of Apollo 12 astronauts Conrad and Bean on the lunar surface.

Unlike most other Apollo missions, this lunar module version of the DAC returned to Earth because of a malfunction during the lunar module's ascent from the Moon's surface. Because of the strict weight restrictions in the command module during reentry, usually only the magazines with exposed film were brought back to Earth.

NASA transferred this camera to the Museum in 1972.