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Join us for STEM in 30, an interactive classroom program consisting of 30-minute webcasts that engage middle school students in STEM topics ranging from WWI airplanes to rovers on Mars. Chat with experts, submit your questions to be answered live, take a poll, discover related content, and participate in follow-up activities.

Our format has changed!

To better reach your classrooms and facilitate conversations with your students, we are updating the way our show is released.

Here’s how it works:

  • We release an episode on the second Thursday of each month.
  • You can watch it on-demand as your class schedule allows.
  • We host a live video chat with Beth, Marty, and experts from the episode the third Thursday of each month.*
  • You bring the burning questions that came up when you watched the episode and dive even deeper on each month’s topic

*Exact date of live chat subject to change. 

Watch STEM in 30 on this page or on NASA TV. You can also view archived programs on-demand. Learn more about STEM in 30.

Next STEM in 30

Magic or Math? Math in the Aerospace Industry

December 13, 2018 | 11:00am

What do designing aircraft, enlarging paintings, and running faster than the Wright Flyer all have in common? These things may all seem like feats of magic, but they all rely heavily on math. Tune in to STEM in 30 to learn all about real world applications of math and learn a little magic along the way.

This episode will be available starting December 13, 2018. Once you’ve had a chance to watch it with your kids, students, or on your own, tune in at 1 pm EST on December 18 for a live chat about math!

This program is made possible by the generous support of Safran.


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