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STEM in 30 is an Emmy-nominated program for middle school students produced by the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. These 30 minute episodes are great for classroom use. New episodes are released every month, featuring hands-on activities, explanations of aviation and space topics aligned with national standards, and interviews with experts from the Museum and beyond.

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Written in the Sky: History & Future of Aerial Advertisement

Advertising is a big business. But does it make sense to spend the money on flying a banner over a crowded beach or writing something in the sky? What do you really know about aerial advertisement? How big does something need to be to see it from the ground and how do you write in the sky? We'll explore those topics and more in this episode of STEM in 30. Sponsored by Hexcel.


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Written in the Sky: History & Future of Aerial Advertisement Presented Online
Available starting March 9, 2023

In this episode of STEM in 30 we explore aerial advertisement, like sky writing and banners flying behind airplanes.

Pioneering Rotorcraft – From Autogiro to the Helicopter Presented Online
Watch on demand

In this episode of STEM in 30 we'll take a look at the unique features of helicopters, explore their uses, dive into their history and even take a flight with some of the best trained pilots there are.

Apollo: Then and Now Presented Online
Available starting December 8, 2022

In honor of the mission's 50th anniversary, this episode of STEM in 30 will look at the science, legacy, and technologies that culminated in this final Apollo mission and how these Moon missions laid the groundwork for future lunar missions.

Test Pilots: Faster, Higher, Farther Presented Online
Available starting October 13, 2022

Test pilots have allowed us to break the speed of sound, pioneered blind flying, and pushed us to the edge of space. Each of these advancements has made air travel safer and more efficient. Join the STEM in 30 team as they take you inside the United States Naval Test Pilot School!

The Drake Equation and the Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations Presented Online
Available starting September 8, 2022

Are we alone in the universe? Frank Drake developed a method to account for the likelihood of other intelligent civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy. Learn about the Drake Equation and the science behind it in this student-friendly episode of STEM in 30.