What Goes Up Must Come Down: Plummeting Through the Layers of the Atmosphere

Episode available starting October 11, 2018
Presented Online

Alan Eustace broke the skydive world record for highest-altitude free-fall jump by riding a high altitude balloon 25 miles into the stratosphere. He then plummeted through the increasingly dense atmosphere. Does the atmosphere change with altitude? Did he have to understand the layers of the atmosphere to complete his jump? What challenges did they have to overcome? Learn all this and more on this episode of STEM in 30.

This episode will be available starting October 11, 2018. Once you’ve had a chance to watch it with your kids, students, or on your own, tune in at 1 pm EST on October 18 for a live chat where our expert will answers all of your questions about the layers of the atmosphere.

This program is made possible by the Eustace-Kwan family.