"An uninterrupted navigable ocean that comes to the threshold of every man's door, ought not to be neglected as a source of human gratification and advantage."
—Sir George Cayley, English engineer, 1816

Between the first flights of the Wright brothers in 1903 and the outbreak of World War I in 1914, the airplane grew from an ancient dream into a reality that would shape the future.

Early Flight uses artifacts like the Lilienthal Glider, 1909 Wright Military Flyer, and the Blériot XI to explore how in one short decade people in America and around the world were pushing boundaries, setting records, participating in air shows, and turning the aircraft into a technology that would usher in the aerial age.

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A view inside the gallery.

A section of the exhibit that looks at the public enthusiasm for aviation.

Preview the Exhibit Inside Early Flight Innovators in Early Flight Flight Before the Airplane
In this Exhibit Lilienthal Glider Object 1909 Wright Military Flyer Object Curtiss B-8, V-8 Engine Object Blériot XI Object Ecker Flying Boat Object Curtiss D-III Headless Pusher Object See more objects in this exhibit
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Power and Control in the Air February 14, 2022 The Airplane in Early 20th Century Culture April 25, 2022 The Wright Brothers June 02, 2022
The Military Gets Its Wings September 09, 2022 The Roar of the Crowd September 09, 2022 The Fastest Man on Earth June 29, 2022 First American Women in Flight November 01, 2021 Early Mexican Aviators at the Moisant Aviation School October 14, 2021 Take a Step Behind the Scenes The Conservation of the Wright Military Flyer

Follow along as our experts conserve the 1909 Wright Military Flyer, which will be on display in the Early Flight gallery.

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