Exploration reveals that our solar system is filled with amazingly diverse places that transform our understanding of Earth and worlds beyond.

The Kenneth C. Griffin Exploring the Planets Gallery probes the science and history of our exploration of planets, moons, and other objects in our solar system. This exhibit tells the stories of the diversity of worlds circling our Sun and how exploring those worlds helps enhance our own understanding of Earth. Exploring the Planets draws on research from scientists in the Museum’s Center for Earth and Planetary Studies, who are actively involved in current planetary missions.

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Location in Museum National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC
Gallery 205
Map of the second floor of the National Air and Space Museum's Washington, D.C., building, highlighting in yellow Gallery 205 on the south side of the building, three rooms west of center
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The entrance to the gallery.

A view from inside Exploring the Planets.

Preview the Exhibit Inside the
Kenneth C. Griffin
Exploring the Planets Gallery
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The Blue Giant


The Tilted Giant


The Ringed Giant


A Giant Among Giants


The Red Planet


The Blue Planet & Our Home


The Hottest Planet in Our Solar System


The Swift Planet

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Ken Griffin

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