Who Were Wilbur and Orville?
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The Wright Family Home
The Wright Family Home
The Wright Family Home
7 Hawthorne Street Dayton, Ohio
7 Hawthorne Street
The Wright family home at 7 Hawthorn Street in west Dayton was where much of the creative thinking and planning behind the world’s first airplane took place. Wilbur and Orville added the shutters and built the wraparound porch. They resided at the Hawthorn Street house with their father and sister until Wilbur’s death in 1912.
Wright Family Home Parlor
The parlor of the Wright's home.
Henry Ford purchased the house, along with the Wrights’ bicycle shop, and moved them in 1937 to his Greenfield Village complex in Dearborn, Michigan, where they are open to the public.
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