We see the connections to aviation and space in literally everything. From our favorite movies and the songs in our playlists to the latest news of space exploration and your commercial flight home for the holidays – aerospace is literally everywhere you look. Twice a month our hosts riff on some of the coolest stories of aviation and space history, news, and culture. We promise, whether you’re an AVGeek, wannabe Space Camper, or none of the above, you’ll find not only a connection to your life but you’ll learn something interesting in the process.

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Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.12
Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Posted on Aug 23, 2019

Today on the show, we tackle the meaning of life. Well… not really. But definitely matters of consequence. 

Topics: Aviation Early flight People Society and Culture
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.11
What's He Building?
Posted on Aug 08, 2019

Today we’re talking about a really cool project that brought together one former-Mythbuster, a couple of Smithsonian units, and makers across the country to reimagine an incredible piece of Apollo engineering.  

Topics: General aviation Apollo program Human spaceflight Behind the scenes People
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.10
Night Witches
Posted on Jul 25, 2019

Today we’re talking about a chilling chapter from flight history— Night Bomber Regiment 588. 

Topics: Aviation People Women World War II
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.9
Walking on the Moon Part 2
Posted on Jul 11, 2019

In part two of Walking on the Moon, we’re talking about the important science still happening with Apollo Moon rocks here on Earth a half-century later. 

Topics: Space Apollo program Human spaceflight Science
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.8
Walking on the Moon
Posted on Jun 27, 2019

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, AirSpace examines what we knew then, what we know now, and what mysteries of lunar science still remain.

Topics: Space Apollo program Human spaceflight Science
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.7
Rock on the Moon
Posted on Jun 13, 2019

What music would you take along on a quarter-million mile road trip?

Topics: Space Apollo program Human spaceflight Society and Culture
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.6
Posted on May 23, 2019

Some of the world’s best pilots are the ones you hope never to see. In this episode, we’re talking about air rescue.

Topics: Aviation Aircraft Helicopters People
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.5
Big Iron
Posted on May 09, 2019

Scientists believe our planet has a metallic inner core, but we can’t exactly crack it open and check. Instead, NASA is sending a mission to an asteroid named Psyche, which appears to be a nickel-iron planetary core a lot like the one at the center of the Earth.

Topics: Space Spacecraft Science
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.4
AirSpace Live at SXSW
Posted on Apr 25, 2019

In this special episode recorded at SXSW, Emily, Matt, and Nick recount stories of failure and how they’ve inspired a whole lot of success in science and space exploration

Topics: Aviation Aircraft Space Human spaceflight
Story AirSpace Season 2|Ep.3
Hail to the Chief
Posted on Apr 11, 2019

On this episode of AirSpace we’re talking about the most exclusive form of public transportation – presidential flight. 

Topics: Aviation Aircraft Military aviation