We see the connections to aviation and space in literally everything. From our favorite movies and the songs in our playlists to the latest news of space exploration and your commercial flight home for the holidays – aerospace is literally everywhere you look. Twice a month our hosts riff on some of the coolest stories of aviation and space history, news, and culture. We promise, whether you’re an AVGeek, wannabe Space Camper, or none of the above, you’ll find not only a connection to your life but you’ll learn something interesting in the process.

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Story AirSpace Bonus! Wronging the Wrights Posted on Jun 08, 2023

Season seven is over but don’t despair! We have some fun new things headed your way soon. In the meantime, we borrowed this episode from our friends at Smithsonian’s Sidedoor to tide you all over.

Topics: Aircraft Early flight Records and Firsts
Story AirSpace Season 7, Episode 12: It's a Barbie World and We’re All Living In It Posted on May 24, 2023

When Barbie first became an astronaut in 1965, she was more than a decade ahead of NASA sending a woman to space. Since then, there have been several versions of astronaut Barbie.

Topics: Art African American or Black people Women
Story AirSpace Season 7, Ep. 11: Mars! Posted on May 09, 2023

From Dante to Matt Damon, Percival Lowell to Perseverance, humans have long wondered about, studied, and eventually explored our closest planetary neighbor, Mars.

Topics: Art Science fiction Solar System
Story AirSpace Season 7, Episode 10 - One Small Stop in Ohio Posted on Apr 24, 2023

In 1969, nearly 600 million people tuned in to watch the Apollo 11 Moon landing. Four of these rapt viewers were a family of Indian immigrants in Delaware. Four months later that family was driving through Ohio and decided to stop and knock on Neil Armstrong’s parent's door.

Topics: Apollo program Gemini program Human spaceflight Art Asian American or Asian people
Story AirSpace Season 7, Episode 9: By Land, By Sea, By Dirigible Posted on Apr 12, 2023

Imagine this: It’s 1936 and you’re taking a luxurious three day flight from Germany to the United States in the Hindenburg. But instead of landing in New Jersey as expected, you dock to the top of the tallest building in the world: the Empire State Building.

Topics: Airships
Story AirSpace Season 7, Episode 8: Flying Circus Posted on Mar 23, 2023

A duck in a hot air balloon. A cat in an airship. A lion cub in an airplane. Stories of animals in flight.

Topics: Aircraft Balloons Early flight
Story AirSpace Season 7, Ep. 7: Satellite Hart Posted on Mar 09, 2023

Thanks to GPS, ecologists today can track thousands of animals all the time with tracking devices that can be smaller than a quarter. But in 1970 there was just a weather satellite, a 23 pound collar, and an elk named Monique. On this episode of AirSpace, we talk to some of the scientists who use space to track animals here on Earth.

Topics: Science Technology and Engineering Satellites
Story AirSpace Season 7, Ep. 6: Drops From Jupiter Posted on Feb 23, 2023

The Juno spacecraft currently orbiting Jupiter almost didn’t have a camera, and boy would that have been a shame. On this episode of AirSpace, we unpack how JunoCam has contributed to science and completely changed the way we view this beautiful gas giant.

Topics: Spacecraft Science Robotics Solar System
Story AirSpace Season 7, Ep. 5: It Takes More Than One Posted on Feb 09, 2023

In the fifties and sixties to get hired as a stewardess put you in a club that was akin to being a movie star. Around this time, a highly qualified woman, top of her training class, beautiful and poised, didn't understand why she wasn't being hired, until an instructor told her it was because she was Black.

Topics: Commercial aviation People African American or Black people
Story AirSpace Season 7, Ep. 4: Pigeons Are Pilots Too Posted on Jan 26, 2023

The pigeon – ubiquitous bird, oft city-dweller, and… war hero? You might even consider the humble pigeon to be the first military aviator.

Topics: Aviation World War I