Reserve an Online Program for Early Childhood Learners

A Museum educator reads a picture book to young people.

Teachers will be able to reserve the Flights of Fancy Story Time experience and request the platform, whether Zoom, Teams, or other (TBD). The reserved program will include a read-aloud with the museum educator, a video chat about an image or other museum resources related to the topic, and a craft activity led by the museum educator. Each session will last 30 minutes.

Each online field trip for early childhood will also have associated resources in SI Learning Lab and an online Story Time (Flights of Fancy or Pilot Pals) that will enhance and expand the theme so that teachers can use them in before and after the program for a more complete learning experience.

These experiences are available for groups of 10 or more. 

Please note, the Virtual Flights of Fancy Story Time Program schedule is in accordance with the Eastern Time Zone. If you are in a different time zone and would like to inquire about an alternate program start time please contact the Tours and Reservations Office at


What You’ll Recieve

When the museum educator receives the reservation confirmation, they will send the teacher links to the suggested pre-visit experiences and a list of physical materials that are suggested for the lesson.

After the reserved program, the museum educator will follow up with suggested post-visit experiences and an evaluation.


Choose Your Story Time Experience

The cover of Space Walk by Salina Yoon

The Great Solar System Tour

Learn more about the planets with this exploration of our Solar System. Join as a Museum educator reads Space Walk by Salina Yoon, chats about spacecraft that have travelled to the edge of the Solar System and then leads the students in creating a solar system book.

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The cover of the book Hare and Tortise Race to the Moon

Rocket Race

If you wanted to go to outer space, how would you get there? In a rocket of course. Join as a Museum educator reads Hare and Tortoise Race to the Moon by Oliver J Corwin, examines rockets in our collection to notice what shapes they are made from, and then leads students in the creation of three dimensional models of rockets.

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The cover of Air Show! by Treat Williams

Air Show

What is it like to experience the thrill of an air show? Join as a Museum educator reads Air Show by Treat Williams, demonstrates loops, rolls and other aerobatic maneuvers, and leads the students in the creation of their own tricky flyers.

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A composite image showing five children's book covers about air and space.

Inspirational Biography Series

Join as a Museum Educator reads an inspiring biography of a pioneer of aviation or space exploration. Each story will explore objects in our museum that relate to that person’s story and a craft that will allow students to continue to play and learn. Choose from:  

  • Amelia Earhart: You Can’t Do That Amelia! by Kimberly Wagner Klier 
  • Bessie Coleman: Nobody Owns the Sky by Reeve Lindbergh
  • Charles Lindbergh: Flight: The Journey of Charles Lindbergh by Robert Burleigh
  • Mae Jemison: Mae Among the Stars by Rhoda Ahmed
  • Wright Brothers: The Story of the Wright Brothers by Michelle Prater Burke

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Virtual Story Times are made possible by the generous support of the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation.