Hubert Julian Christens the Abyssinia

Black and white photo of Black man in flight suit standing on folding chair in front of left side of monoplane. Woman stands behind him holding champagne bottle. Crowd in the background with camera on tripod to the left.

Aviator Hubert Julian (center, standing on folding chair) poses for photographers in front of his Bellanca J-2 (r/n NR-782W, one-half left front view) at Floyd Bennett Field, Long Island, New York; the aircraft’s propeller is draped with an American flag. Peggy Harding Shannon, holding a bouquet of roses and a bottle of champagne, stands behind Julian on a second chair as a crowd looks on from either side. Date is presumed to be September 29, 1933, when the aircraft was christened "Abyssinia” at a press conference.