We have a flair for the dramatic here at AirSpace (Who… US?!). And we’d be lying if we told you we don’t occasionally daydream about the end of the world. But, like, scientifically speaking. We’ve seen plenty of sci-fi depictions of what the end might look like, but what will actually happen when the Sun engulfs the Earth? And what does the “end of the universe” even mean? To dissect these grim questions, we’re diving into a sci-fi series that offers a lot of hopeful examples of humanity’s perseverance: "Doctor Who."

Is this an elaborate ploy to do an episode about one of our favorite television series? You bet it is! But it’s the last episode of the season and we want to go out with a bang. Strap in, we’re going to the end of it all. This is the end of the world according to "Doctor Who."

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