What is it like to train as an astronaut? Victor Glover, part of NASA’s 2013 astronaut class, is one of the few who knows what it’s like to prepare for a journey beyond Earth’s atmosphere. That includes training underwater to learn how to walk in space, make repairs to the International Space Station, and use equipment correctly. Glover and his fellow trainees also use virtual reality tools to learn how things work and feel in microgravity (a little different from the Apollo era!).

Astronaut Victor Glover talks about some of the components of astronaut training, which includes training in a very large swimming pool and virtual reality training. Credit: National Air and Space Museum

Astronauts certainly don't make it to space on their own. It takes teamwork to make it to the International Space Station. Astronaut Victor Glover talks about the importance of being able to work together.

For Glover—an engineer and F/A-18 pilot in the United States Air Force—the challenge of joining the astronaut corps was a welcome one. For him, it’s important to “look for challenges—go out and seek those hard things.” Even in the face of failure, Glover notes that it’s important to stick with it. “Anything you try and step out there and do, you need to step out on faith because at some point you’re going to find challenges. But they’re not there for us to turn away from.” As for his trip to the ISS, he’s not sure yet what his mission will entail, but is looking forward to taking in a spectacular view of Earth.

"Look for challenges" says Victor Glover. Today he's an astronaut, engineer and pilot, but his early days in the working world started with some very common jobs.

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