Signature on top of an image of the ISS.

ISS Science

Take your students to the International Space Station with NASA astronaut Randy “Komrade” Bresnik. ISS Science is a series of videos produced by the Museum’s STEM in 30 program.

Each video in the series features Bresnik discussing life in space and is followed by a hands-on demonstration that connects these real-world activities to basic science concepts. Designed for middle school educators, each video is accompanied by a lesson plan connected to the NGSS Standards

New videos for ISS Science will be released throughout Bresnik’s time in space on Expeditions 52 and 53. Come back often to see what’s happening on the International Space Station.

4. Astronaut Shares How to Get to Space

Subject: Education and Career Paths, Physical Fitness | Grade Level: 5-8 |Time: 20-30 Minutes
PDF iconLesson Plan: Astronauts and the ISS

3. Model a Solar Eclipse

Subject: Physical Science, Earth & Space Science | Grade Level: 5-9 | Time: 30 Minutes
PDF iconLesson Plan: Modeling a Solar Eclipse

2. How to Launch a Rocket

Subject: Physical Science | Grade Level: 5-8 | Time: 1-2 class periods
PDF iconLesson Plan: How to Launch a Rocket

1. Spot the International Space Station!

Subject: Physical Science, Earth & Space Science | Grade Level: 4 - 9 | Time: 30 minutes
PDF iconLesson Plan: Spot the International Space Station!