Rights requests
  • Rights requests
  • Obtaining reproductions
  • Obtaining reproductions
  • Pricing & fees
  • Pricing & fees
  • We are offering reproduction services of the following:

    • Large Format Drawings on Paper
    • Document Photocopies: Aviation Technical Manuals, Captured German and Japanese Air Technical Documents, Reproduction Photocopies, Drawing Lists
    • Digital reproduction of photographic images

    Reproduction services are temporarily unavailable for the following:

    • Microfilm (16mm and 35mm)
    • Film and audio

    Reproductions of most of the Museum's archival material can be obtained for a fee. For more information on pricing, see our reproduction & shipping rates.

    Technical Drawings

    A signed Document Use and Indemnification Agreement is required before reproductions of Technical Drawings may be released. Lists and order forms are only available for the drawing collections listed. For drawings not listed below, please contact the reference desk for a custom search printout.

    Learn more about the Drawings Collections.

    Archival Film

    Because many of these films are one-of-a-kind, the Museum cannot lend or rent films from the collection. The Museum can arrange to have films or tapes copied for a fee. Reproduction work will start within 72 hours after we receive a formal order. Turnaround time is 25 working days (about five weeks) from the time we receive your order.

    Learn about the Archival Film collection


    The National Air and Space Museum Archives has over 3 million photographs in the collection. Thousands of digitized images are available to view through the Smithsonian Virtual Online Archives (SOVA).  Just look for the blue box icon!

    If you are unable to find the photograph you are looking for, it is possible that it has not yet been digitized. Please contact the reference desk so that we can assist you.

    Materials from the collection of the National Air and Space Museum or from National Air and Space Museum's website are subject to the Smithsonian Institution's Terms of Use.  Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Archives photographs, drawings, film, audio recordings or other materials may not be reproduced, resold, or commercially used without specific written permission from the Smithsonian Institution.

    Learn about the Photography collection

    Technical Manuals

    Photocopies of specific Aircraft Technical Manuals may be ordered based on the information provided in an Archives Custom Search Printout. To request a custom search printout, please contact our reference desk.

    Learn about the Technical Manuals collection

    Captured German Japanese Documents

    Because of the large number of requests we receive and the limited number of staff available to fill these requests, we can only provide a total of 50 pages of printed documents per request and we can only accommodate one request per month. Microfilm reproduction is currently unavailable. To order reproductions, contact our reference desk.

    Learn more about the Captured German & Japanese Documents collection

    Aircraft History Cards

    We can provide copies of history cards for up to three specific aircraft by military serial number (AF serial number or Navy Bureau of Aeronautics number). To order aircraft history cards for specific aircraft, please contact our reference desk.

    Learn more about the Aircraft History Card collection

    Audio Collections

    Please contact our reference desk to request reproductions of audio collections.

    Learn more about the Audio collection