Technical and Scale Drawings

Our Archives is the repository for more than two million aircraft and spacecraft technical and scale drawings, donated over the decades by manufacturers, the armed services, and by individual illustrators. Most drawings are available for reproduction.

Selected Collections

Drawings on Paper

Drawings on Paper - Prepared Sets
Peter Westburg Drawings
Nicholas Van de Grift Karstens Aircraft Drawings
1903 Wright Flyer Drawings
Waco Aircraft Company Drawings
Fairchild Model 24 Drawings
U.S. Navy Recognition Model Plans
Aeronca Factory Drawings

Drawings on Microfilm

U.S. Air Force Engineering Drawings

Accessing These Collections

To obtain reproductions of drawings from the collections listed above, please submit the appropriateorder form. Keep in mind, these listings represent only a small percentage of our technical and scale drawings. If you are interested in drawings that are not listed above, please contact thereference desk to request a custom search printout. Due to drawing size and conservation concerns, most drawings are not accessible when visiting the Archives.

For more information on our technical drawings: