Apollo 11

Relive Apollo 11 Twitter Feed Cast

The following list includes key Apollo 11 personnel, many of whom are mentioned in the original mission transcripts and in the @ReliveApollo11 twitter feed. This is not a complete list of personnel

Prime Crew

Neil Armstrong, Commander
Michael Collins, Command Module Pilot
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot

Backup Crew

James Lovell, Commander; CAPCOM
William Anders, Command Module Pilot; CAPCOM
Fred Haise, Lunar Module Pilot; CAPCOM

Mission Management Responsibility

Sam Phillips, Director, Apollo Program
John Stevenson, Director, Mission Operations
Lee James, Saturn V Vehicle Program Manager
George Low, Apollo Spacecraft Program Manager
Roderick Middleton, Apollo Program Manager Kennedy Space Center
George Hage, Mission Director
Chester Lee, Assistant Mission Director
Thomas McMullen, Assistant Mission Director
Rocco Petrone, Director of Launch Operations
Christopher Kraft, Director of Flight Operations
Paul Donnelly, Launch Operations Manager
Donald “Deke” Slayton, Director of Flight Crew Operations

Flight Directors

Clifford Charlesworth, Flight Director (Green Team)
Eugene Kranz, Flight Director (White Team)
Glynn Lunney, Flight Director (Black Team)
Milton Windler, Flight Director (Maroon Team)

Other Key Personnel

Guenter F. Wendt, Pad Leader (White Room)
Jack King, Public Affairs Officer (“Voice of Apollo” during launch)
Skip Chauvin, Spacecraft Test Conductor
Bill Schick, Test Supervisor
Norm Carlson, Launch Vehicle Test Conductor
Rocco Petrone, Launch Director
Charles Duke, CAPCOM
Ronald Evans, CAPCOM; Support Crew
Bruce McCandless, CAPCOM
Thomas “Ken” Mattingly, CAPCOM; Support Crew
Don Lind, CAPCOM
Owen Garriott, CAPCOM
Harrison Schmitt, CAPCOM
William Pogue, Support Crew
John Swigert, Support Crew
Dr. Kenneth Beers, Flight Surgeon
Dr. John Zielgleschmidt, Flight Surgeon

Recovery Team

Robert Hoffman, Commander, A-Lots
Oakley Baron, Pilot, ARIA Squadron Commander, A-Lots
Wallace Emory, Co-Pilot, A-Lots
Ervin Stewart, Navigator, A-Lots
Charles Hinton, Navigator, A-Lots
Paul Swieczkowski, Photographic Specialist, A-Lots
Donald Richmon, Pilot, Swim 1
William Strawn, Co-Pilot, Swim 1
James Johnson, Crewman, Swim 1
John McLachlan, Swimmer, Swim 1
Terry Muehlenbach, Swimmer, Swim 1
Mitchell Bucklew, Swimmer, Swim 1
Clancey Hatelberg, Swimmer, Recovery 1
D. S. Jones, Pilot, Recovery 1
Bruce Johnson, Co-Pilot, Recovery 1
Norvel Wood, Crewman, Recovery 1
Stanley Robnett, Crewman, Recovery 1
Wesley Chesser, Swimmer, Swim 2
Michael Mallary, Swimmer, Swim 2
John Wolfram, Swimmer, Swim 2
Richard Barrett, Pilot, Swim 2
George Conn, Co-Pilot, Swim 2
Curtis Hill, Crewman, Swim 2
Richard Seaton, Crewman, Swim 2