Very few have experienced firsthand the breathtaking views that can be seen while floating, walking, and working in space. But thanks to photographs and films captured by astronauts we can all imagine. For 50 years, these images have inspired artists, like those below, to create their own interpretations of the EVA experience.

  • Delineating the Constellations

    Delineating the Constellations to Simplify Astronomy for the Average Man

  • Print, Ink on Paper, MOON WALKER

    Moon Walker

  • Painting, Oil on Masonite

    Lunar Confrontation

  • Moon Scene, Apollo 15

    Moon Scene, Apollo 15

  • 13 astronauts floating in a black sky over planet Earth.

    Planetary Citizen

  • Painting, oil on canvas

    Man's First Step on the Moon

  • <em>Home Sweet Home</em> by Alan Bean

    Home Sweet Home

  • The EVA of Astronaut James Irwin

    The EVA of Astronaut James Irwin, or Apollo XV EVA

  • Painting, acrylic on canvas

    Looking Back

  • Painting, watercolor on paper, DALE A. GARDNER, SPACE SHUTTLE MISSION 51-A

    Dale A. Gardner, Space Shuttle Mission 51-A

  • Print of astronauts in space holding onto equipment.  Bright yellow, teal, red and red paint swatches splattered on top of the canvas.

    Ace the Test