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America by Air
Boeing 747-151 Forward Fuselage

Boeing 747-151 Fact Sheet Illustration of 747 Nose On Display

The National Air and Space Museum installed the forward fuselage section of a Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-151 in its Air Transportation gallery at the National Mall building. First flown in 1970, this 747 was the first built for Northwest and the first 747 to open service across the Pacific. It was retired in 2000.

The airplane's forward section, as it will be displayed in the coming "America by Air" exhibition (illustration at right), weighs 26,500 pounds (11,793 kg) and is 36.2 feet long (11.03 m). The interior of the fuselage will be accessible to visitors when the gallery is completed.

Details for the complete 747-151 airplane:

Registration: N601US
Wingspan: 195 ft 8 in (59.6 m)
Length: 231 ft 4 in (70.5 m)
Height: 63 ft 5 in (19.3 m)
Weight, empty: 348,800 lb (158,200 kg)
Weight, gross: 735,000 lb (333,400 kg)
Top speed: 595 mph (958 km/h)
Engine: 4 Pratt & Whitney JT9D-3, 43,500 lb (19,700 kg) thrust
Manufacturer: The Boeing Company, Seattle , Wash.

The airplane is a gift of Northwest Airlines, Inc.

747 Fun Facts:
The entire fleet of 747s has logged many tens of billions of miles—enough to make more than 70,000 trips to the Moon and back.
- The 747 fleet has flown 3.5 billion passengers—the equivalent of more than half the world's population.