Exploring the Planets

The Voyager Encounters

As Voyager 1 approached Saturn in November 1980, the rings began to reveal more and more detail. Once thought to be discretely separated bands, the rings now are known to consist of thousands of small bands which differ in particle size as well as in composition.


Voyager 2 Image of Saturn with satellites Tethys, Dione, and Rhea.

Composition Differences within Saturn's Rings

Enhanced color image from Voyager 2. The colors may indicate different compositions of ring material.

Saturn and its Rings

Voyager 1 collected this image of Saturn and its rings as it was leaving the Saturn system.

Saturn With Rhea and Dione (True Color)

Voyager 2 took this image as it was approaching Saturn in July, 1981.

The Voyager Encounters

False-color view of the B and CRings from Voyager 2, August 1981.