Military aviation during World War II was essential for victory and changed the nature and experience of war—and behind every piece of this technology were the people that made it possible or felt its impacts. 

From carriers and kamikazes to flying fortresses, the Jay I. Kislak World War II in the Air exhibition will feature people and artifacts that put aviation at the center of the twentieth century’s largest and most impactful conflict and made America a superpower. These range from famed aircraft of the aces, like the North American P-51D Mustang, to the tools used by concentration camp laborers to assemble German V-2 rockets. Visitors will gain new perspectives on the remarkable story of how the Allies won the war in the air through some of the museum’s most notable never-before-displayed artifacts, such as a rare surviving Soviet Ilyushin IL-2 that devastated German tank columns. 

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