Deployment of Hubble Space Telescope

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Deployment of Hubble Space Telescope

JOHNSON SPACE CENTER, HOUSTON, TEXAS -- STS-31 ONBOARD SCENE -- This photograph was taken by the STS-31 crew aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery and shows the Hubble Space Telescope being deployed on April 25, 1990, from the payload bay. The giant spacecraft is being put in orbit to gather information about a large variety of astronomical objects, from neighboring planets and stars to the most distant galaxies and quasars. The photo was taken by the IMAX Cargo Bay Camera (ICBC), mounted in a container on the port side of Discovery in Bay 12. The camera was remotely controlled by the crew members in the cabin, using a Gas Autonomous Payload Controller (GAPC). The 70mm motion picture coverage of the telescope and its deployment exercises will be featured in an IMAX/Omnimax film for the International Space Year 1992.


NASA Source: KSC-90PC-1027

Image Number: KSC-90PC-1027
Credit: NASA
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