We offer a variety of fellowships for predoctoral, postdoctoral, and non-academic researchers. Applicants are encouraged to contact prospective staff advisors prior to submitting a proposal.

Ranking factors that influence selection include the scholarly merits of the proposal, as well as the research and academic record of the applicant. Applicants should state explicitly what potential use they intend to make of the Museum's collections and facilities. It is also advisable to state how you hope to profit from the availability of Smithsonian research staff and resources in the Washington, DC area. 

Please Note: The Museum has started construction on the building in Washington, DC, to revitalize its infrastructure and restore building systems. The work will affect every space, from the basement parking lot to the offices on the 3rd floor, including all 22 exhibition galleries. The building project is not scheduled to finish until 2025.  

The Aeronautics and Space History Departments and the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies have moved to an office building at 901 D St. SW, about five blocks from the Museum. Fellows in those departments will have offices or cubicles there. The Smithsonian Libraries’ branch at the Mall Museum has permanently relocated to the Udvar-Hazy Center, although book delivery may be available to 901 D St. SW. The National Air and Space Museum Archives have also moved their remaining Mall Building collections, such as the technical files, biographical files, aircraft files, etc., to Udvar-Hazy. The Regional Planetary Image Facility has relocated there as well.

Research Fellowships

Daniel and Florence Guggenheim Fellowship (open to pre- and postdoctoral candidates)
A. Verville Fellowship (open to mid-career scholars and non-academic candidates)
Charles A. Lindbergh Chair in Aerospace History (open to senior scholars)
Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences Fellowship (open to postdoctoral candidates)
Engen Conservation Fellowship

Research Grant:

National Air and Space Museum Aviation Space Writers Foundation Award
This grant is normally awarded in even-numbered years. Due to the above noted circumstances, the next opportunity to apply will be in 2023. 

Important Dates

Applications for fellowships are posted on October 15. 
The application deadline is December 1.
Deadline for recommendations letters is December 15.
Notifications by: Mid-March


Applicants are restricted to applying for a single National Air and Space Museum fellowship grant at a time. Proposals must reflect that the research to be undertaken is intended for publication in peer-reviewed books and journals.


Every Fellow appointed at the Smithsonian must have a Smithsonian principal advisor. Identify in the proposal the member(s) of the Smithsonian's research staff who might properly serve as your principal advisor(s), as well as those who might be suitable as consultants. It is to your advantage to contact that person or persons as you develop your proposal. You are urged to do so, but are not obliged.

Browse staff by department: 

Emeritus scholars are not eligible to be advisors, although they may be consultants.

Foreign Nationals

Foreign nationals (with the exception of Canadians) who are awarded a National Air and Space Museum research fellowship should contact the Smithsonian's Office of International Relations (OIR) for confirmation of visa. Ordinarily, a J-1 (Exchange Visitor) visa is required. 

Choose the fellowship you're interested in for more information. For more opportunities visit the Smithsonian Office of Fellowships and Internships.

How To Apply