Our Staff is ready and willing to answer your questions on aviation and space flight, or to assist with your research project.

Requesting Research Services:

  1. Send written requests to the Archives Reference Desk via the Research Request form.
  2. Make your request as specific as possible by listing specific aircraft types, spacecraft types, people, places or dates. Broad subject areas, like "WW1," "WWII," "early airplanes," or "space" do not usually produce good results.
  3. Describe how you intend to use the material in your request.
  4. Please limit aircraft-related requests to three models or serial numbers.

Requesting a Customized Search of our Holdings:

We have tried provide detailed lists of the items in some of our most popular collections, but in other collections the sheer bulk of materials precludes our making the complete list available. In these cases, you may request a customized search of our holdings. For information about the availability of specific materials in the following collections, please submit a written request:

Replies may require two to three weeks, and are sent via postal mail. Staff can perform customized searches on up to three subjects per request, and we accept up to one request per household or organization per month.

Visit the Archives

For more in-depth research, you can make an appointment to visit the reading room yourself. Plan your visit to the Archives.

Obtaining Reproductions

Most of our materials can be reproduced for a fee. Find out how to order specific reproductions.

The National Air and Space Museum assumes no liability for accidents or damage caused by or to aircraft built, operated, or restored from documents obtained from the Museum. Technical documents are made available by the National Air and Space Museum for historical and research purposes only and are not intended for commercial use or further dissemination.

Finding Aids Finding aids are available for some of our collections.  If you cannot find what you're looking for through our finding aids, please contact us. Finding Aids