Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences

The National Air and Space Museum has established the Postdoctoral Earth and Planetary Sciences Fellowship to support scientific research in this area.

The Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (CEPS) is the scientific research unit at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Scientists in CEPS primarily focus on planetary geologic and geophysical processes that have shaped the surfaces of rocky and icy bodies in the solar system including the Earth and Moon. CEPS scientists are actively involved in many of NASA’s and ESA’s current and planned planetary robotic missions. Research is supported by an extensive collection of archival photographs of the Moon as well as images and maps of the planets and their satellites. 

Research areas of interest include planetary landscape evolution, planetary volcanism and cryovolcanism, tectonics of rocky and icy bodies, radar remote sensing and radar sounder studies, and analysis of terrestrial analog landforms. Competitive proposals should demonstrate knowledge and expertise in areas such as quantitative remote sensing analysis, tectonics and tectonophysics, volcanic processes, and quantitative terrestrial and planetary geomorphology.

Appointments can be made for one or more years. Stipends are compatible with NRC postdoctoral fellowships in the applicant's field.


There are no opportunities at this time.

For more information please contact Ross Irwin