Apollo Launches

Saturn IB (AS-2xx) and Saturn V (AS-5xx)


Mission Vehicle Launch Pad Mission Goals/Milestones
  AS-201 Saturn 1B 26 Feb 1966 34 Launch vehicle development; suborbital
  AS-202 Saturn 1B 25 Aug 1966 34 Repeat AS201; suborbital; test heat shield
  AS-203 Saturn 1B 5 Jul 1966 37B Repeat AS201; test liquid hydrogen systems
  AS-501 Apollo 4 Saturn V 9 Nov 1967 39A First Saturn V launch
  AS-204 Apollo 5 Saturn 1B 22 Jan 1968 37B First Lunar Module launch
  AS-502 Apollo 6 Saturn V 4 Apr 1968 39A Launch vehicle development
Apollo 7 Launch
AS-205 Apollo 7 Saturn 1B 11 Oct 1968 34 Manned test of command-service module
crew: Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham
Apollo 8 Liftoff
AS-503 Apollo 8 Saturn V 21 Dec 1968 39A Manned test of Saturn V and lunar orbit
crew: Borman, Lovell, Anders
Apollo 9 Launch
AS-504 Apollo 9 Saturn V 3 Mar 1969 39A Manned test of lunar hardware in earth orbit
crew: McDivitt, Scott, Schweickart
Apollo 10 Launch
AS-505 Apollo 10 Saturn V 18 May 1969 39B Manned test of lunar hardware near moon
crew: Stafford, Young, Cernan
Apollo 11 Launch
AS-506 Apollo 11 Saturn V 16 Jul 1969 39A Lunar Landing; Landing site: Sea of Tranquillity
crew: Armstrong, Collins, Aldrin
Apollo 12 Launch
AS-507 Apollo 12 Saturn V 14 Nov 1969 39A Deploy lunar experiments; investigate Surveyor III; Landing site: Ocean of Storms
crew: Conrad, Gordon, Bean
Apollo 13 Liftoff
AS-508 Apollo 13 Saturn V 11 Apr 1970 39A Lunar mission aborted; Landing site: Fra Mauro (Intended); crew: Lovell, Swigert, Haise
Apollo 14 Liftoff
AS-509 Apollo 14 Saturn V 31 Jan 1971 39A Deploy lunar experiments; photograph later sites
Landing site: Fra Mauro
crew: Shepard, Roosa, Mitchell
Apollo 15 Liftoff
AS-510 Apollo 15 Saturn V 26 Jul 1971 39A Extended investigations with lunar rover
Landing site: Hadley-Apennine
crew: Scott, Worden, Irwin
Apollo 16 Liftoff
AS-511 Apollo 16 Saturn V 16 Apr 1972 39A Exploration of the lunar highlands and the Cayley formation
Landing site: Descartes
crew: Young, Mattingly, Duke
Apollo 17 Launch
AS-512 Apollo 17 Saturn V 7 Dec 1972 39A Exploration of Taurus-Littrow region; return largest load of lunar samples
Landing site: Taurus-Littrow
crew: Cernan, Evans, Schmitt
  AS-513 Skylab 1 Saturn V 14 May 1973 39A Used to build Skylab Orbital Workshop
  AS-210 ASTP Saturn 1B 15 July 1975 39B crew: Stafford, Slayton, Brand