Astronaut Shares How to Get to Space

Posted on Tue, September 12, 2017
  • by: Beth Wilson, Educator and Host of STEM in 30

Can you imagine your teacher being chosen to be a NASA astronaut? Students in Joe Acaba’s secondary math and science classes in Florida can. Acaba was one of 11 candidates selected for the 2004 astronaut class, along with our friend and co-host of ISS Science Randy Bresnik. The process to become an astronaut is one of the most competitive and highly selective processes in the world. Do you think you have what it takes?

Acaba’s experience is just one example of the path that can lead to becoming an astronaut. While in college, Acaba studied geology while also serving as a U.S. Marine Corps reservist. He served six years in the reserves. After college, Acaba joined the Peace Corps, where he spent time teaching in the Dominican Republic. He continued teaching in Florida before launching his career at NASA. Acaba is the first astronaut of Puerto Rican heritage, earning him the nickname “The Prince of Puerto Rico.”

Today Acaba, along with astronaut Mark Vande Hei and cosmonaut Alexander Misurkin, will join Bresnik and the rest of the crew on the International Space Station.

Learn more about Acaba’s path to space and find out how you can do the same.

Subject: Education and Career Paths, Physical Fitness | Grade Level: 5-8 |Time: 20-30 Minutes
PDF iconLesson Plan: Astronauts and the ISS

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