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Thu, April 16 2015

Remembering Marat N. Tishchenko

Marat Tishchenko developed helicopters that have affected the course of international affairs around the globe for five decades.

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Marat Tishchenko
Wed, January 23 2013

Plans for the Little Known Confederate Helicopter

As my colleague Dr. Tom Crouch referenced in a previous post, our nation is currently in the midst of commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the American Civil War (or sesquicentennial for you Latin fans). 

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Civil War Helicopter
Mon, December 24 2012

Enter the Santa Copter

The good girls and boys of the Coast Guard Air Station Brooklyn get a visit from Santa, December 1944.

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Santa Gets a LIft
Mon, July 12 2010

Ike and the First Presidential Helicopters

On July 12, 1957, Dwight D. Eisenhower became the first president to employ a helicopter while in office. Though helicopters had been in operational use by the American military since 1944, concerns over their safety caused the Secret Service to bar their use for the nation’s chief executive except in case of emergency.

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Bell H-13J

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