The RTX Living in the Space Age Hall will explore how innovations in space technology have transformed our lives.

The RTX Living in the Space Age Hall will provide insight into space technologies and infrastructure that are largely invisible to the public but have a profound impact on our daily lives. The exhibition will cover topics from the beginning of the Space Age in the mid-20th century to the present and beyond. Visitors can explore these stories through Space Age objects and the people who build, maintain, and use them. The content will include the development of rocket technology that has enabled access to space, missile development, space systems for Earth observation, communication, and navigation, and the threats to these systems.  

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Enjoy this artist's rendering depicting what the gallery will look like.

Innovations in Space Technology Have Transformed Our Lives

The RTX Living in the Space Age Hall will show visitors why these innovations matter through Space Age objects and the people who build, maintain, and use them. Thank you to RTX for their support of the museum’s transformation and our Explainers program, which provides interactive programming in the museum and online through demonstrations, design challenges, and other activities.

The Space Race Skylab

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