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This space suit was worn on the Moon by an Apollo 15 astronaut in 1971. Moon dust is still visible on the legs and boots.

The space suits had to meet all the astronauts' life-support needs. Backpacks (left on the Moon) Photo from Apollo 15 depicting astronaut on the surface of the Moonprovided oxygen, temperature and humidity control, suit pressure, and power for their communications and data display systems. This suit, made of 22 layers of several different materials plus a 3-layer undergarment, also protected them against extreme lunar temperatures and micrometeoroids.

Because the lunar explorers had to walk over uneven terrain, collect rock and soil samples, and set up equipment, the suit was sturdy but gave them adequate mobility. Each astronaut had a custom-fitted space suit.

Manufacturer: ILC Industries, Inc.

Transferred from NASA

Apollo 15 EVA suit (Scott)
137 k jpeg

Pointer The Apollo 11 space suits worn on the first lunar landing mission are displayed in the Apollo to the Moon gallery upstairs. More on the the Apollo missions to the Moon can be found online at : Apollo Space Program.

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