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Resources for You
Week-long plans of activities and resources on topics your learners will love
Content and teaching methods for science inquiry in a preschool environment
Even more resources on Learning Lab, an interactive platform designed for educators
Houston Elementary School, a DC Public School (DCPS), part of the Holt Scholars Program
Holt Scholars Program
Resources for DC Educators
The Holt Scholars Program was established in 2014 by a generous donation from the Hillside Foundation to focus on educational outreach to DC Public School students, their families, and local teachers. In addition to sponsoring museum visits, the Holt Scholars Program also provides opportunities for teacher professional development and family engagement events. Learn More
An educator speaks in front of a screen.
Plan a Field Trip
While we are not currently accepting reservation requests for guided tours and other programs, we've offer a variety of online field trips, specially designed to engage learners online while meeting educational standards. Learn More


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