Learning Guides

Looking for summertime fun and learning? Our educators prepared the Learning Guides below to give you a week-long plan of activities and resources on topics your learners will love. All Learning Guides are Google documents and are free for your use and reuse. New Learning Guides will be continually added.


Learn about Artemis, a spaceflight program to send humans to the Moon. Design your own rocket, make Taternauts, and learn how the Orion vehicle will get astronauts to the south pole of the Moon.

Grades 5-7.

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Science Fiction

Explore science fact and fiction. Write your own science fiction story, discuss the science fact and fiction behind Star Trek, and learn about planets in the Goldilocks Zone.

Grades 5-7.

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Learn how bees influence aviation.
Imagine a new technology inspired by bees.
Make your own recycled bee house.

Grades 5-7.

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Hubble Space Telescope

Make your own telescope.
See the giant mirrors inside Hubble.
Learn about how fast light travels.

Grades 5-7.

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Design your dream spacesuit, make lunar dust, and learn about friction.

Grades 5-7.

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World War II

Learn about the Tuskegee Airmen, interview a veteran in your community, and play games that date back to WWII.

Grades 5-7.

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Learn about the Viking Landers that landed on Mars in the 1970s, attempt a simulated Mars landing (with an egg), and write what your first words on Mars would be.

Grades 5-7.

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International Space Station (ISS)

Learn what astronauts eat on the International Space Station, design your own mission patch, and spot the real space station from your backyard.

Grades 5-7.

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Learn how balloons protected the beaches on D-Day, do an air pressure experiment (with some karate), and make your own rocket using balloons, 

Grades 5-7.

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Celebrate Apollo’s 50th anniversary, make your own mission patch, learn about the importance of overcoming failure and write about your own experiences.

Grades 5-7.

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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Learn about tectonics on the Moon, make your own volcanic eruption, and build an earthquake proof structure.

Grades 5-7.

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