Did you know that some of the coolest photos of Earth from space were not actually taken by satellites? Many were taken by astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). In fact, part of the astronaut training program focuses on how to take photos in space.

Photography has always been a significant part of NASA astronaut Randy “Komrade” Bresnik’s life. Passion for photography seems to run in his family. Both his father and grandfather were professional photographers. In fact, his grandfather was Amelia Earhart’s photographer! Bresnik has fond memories of working with his grandfather in his dark room, where he got hands-on experience developing film.

During his first mission to space, Bresnik was not able to do as much photography as he had hoped due to the short duration of the mission. Now, on his current mission aboard the ISS, he has been sharing   his photography on social media using the hashtag #OneWorldManyViews.

Join Bresnik and the STEM in 30 team to learn more about snapping photos from space and how photography is developed. 


Astronaut Randy Bresnik has always had a love of photography and now he’ll be taking that passion to space as he snaps photos from above. In this ISS Science episode learn about the role of photography in space and also see how a photograph is made.

Subject: Physical Science | Grade Level: 5-12 | Time: 60-90 Minutes

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