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    Engage Future Visitors:
    The National Air and Space Museum is home to the world's largest collection of aviation and space artifacts, but it is through our exhibitions, both physical and virtual, that the story of flight comes to life.  With your support, we will re-imagine and renovate existing exhibition galleries such as the Boeing Milestones of Flight Hall and Apollo to the Moon and strengthen the Museum in Washington, DC as a global destination.


    Inspire Learning:
    From hands-on activities that demonstrate the physics of flight and teacher training programs, to lectures from world-class astronomers and scientists, our educational programs serve visitors of all ages and provide ways to see the world (and beyond) in a new light. With your support, we will extend our global reach still further and help maintain our nation’s intellectual and competitive edge.


    Discover the Mysteries Beyond Earth:
    Pioneering exploration of planets beyond Earth draws on research conducted at the Museum’s Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (CEPS). Here scientists lead research initiatives on Mars, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the Moon.  With your support, we will collaborate with scientists at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory and the National Museum of Natural History and work with other scientists to pursue the Smithsonian’s unique opportunities to spark discovery and infuse science into exhibits that reach millions.


    Preserve Our History:
    Priceless artifacts in the Museum commemorate an era of innovation, a way of life transformed in little more than a century. The Museum has a mandate to preserve these objects, their methods of construction, and their history.  Of the hundreds of airplanes in the Museum’s collection, one-third are one-of-a-kind or sole surviving examples. Your support will enable Museum specialists to preserve these collections so we may share these evocative artifacts with the public.


    Enrich Scholarship and Understanding:
    Unique among museums of flight, this Museum brings together scholars and educators on staff whose research and use of primary source materials enrich the visitor experience. Oral histories and diaries, priceless works of art, records, and photos all capture the memories, experiences, and responses of participants in aeronautic and aerospace history. They bring context and dimension to the artifacts on display.

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