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Fri, October 19 2018

Photographing Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

The National Air and Space Museum collection is full of objects that tell the history of air and space exploration. Supervising photographer Jim Preston reflects on one of his favorite objects to photograph—Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit.

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Photographing Neil Armstrong's Helmet
Mon, September 24 2018

Celebrating Air and Space's #IdeasThatDefy

The National Air and Space Museum is full of ideas that defy. Ideas that defy any obstacle, ideas that defy our expectations, ideas that literally defy gravity. Follow us as we discover the remarkable, the audacious, the outrageous, the #IdeasThatDefy.

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1903 Wright Flyer First Flight, Kitty Hawk, N.C.
Tue, September 11 2018

Examining the Starship Enterprise 

It’s the ship that would boldly go on to make history—the Star Trek starship Enterprise studio model, used in the filming of the iconic television show, which premiered on NBC in September of 1966. Take a closer look at the makings of the starship Enterprise.

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Examining the Starship Enterprise 

Star Trek Starship Enterprise Studio Model
Thu, September 6 2018

Conserving Spock's Ear

It’s become one of the most well-known appendages in pop culture history—Spock’s pointed ears, signaling him as half-Vulcan, and now synonymous with the beloved sci-fi series. The Museum’s conservation team recently treated a replica ear in our collection.

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Replica Spock Ear
Fri, August 31 2018

When Enterprise Met Discovery

Space Shuttle Enterprise, the first space shuttle orbiter ever built, was once displayed where Discovery is today. Despite both being part of the Space Shuttle program, the two served very different purposes and tell very different stories.

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When Enterprise Met Discovery

Space Shuttles Enterprise and Discovery Meet Nose-to-Nose
Mon, August 27 2018

"Women of NASA" LEGO Prototype Joins Collection

The prototype for the popular Women of NASA LEGO® set joined the Museum’s collection last week, helping tell the story of how Americans are inspired by groundbreakers in aerospace.

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Original Prototypes of the  LEGO® Ideas "Women of NASA" Set
Wed, August 22 2018

The Man Behind High-Speed Safety Standards

At Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico on December 10, 1954, the Sonic Wind No. 1 rocket sled let loose 40,000 pounds of thrust and propelled United States Air Force flight surgeon Col. John Stapp more than 3,000 feet in a few seconds. The benefits of Stapp’s research are evident every time a driver pulls on a seatbelt or a jet pilot safely ejects from a damaged aircraft.

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John Paul Stapp Rocket Sled Test
Fri, August 17 2018

She Can STEM Camp Takes Off 

The Museum’s She Can STEM summer camp is aimed at introducing aviation to 60 underrepresented middle school girls in the DC metro area.

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She Can STEM Camp Takes Off 

She Can STEM Camp Discovery Flight
Tue, August 14 2018

Amazon Drone Comes to Air and Space

The story of this emerging technology will be a cornerstone of our new Thomas W. Haas We All Fly gallery, a new exhibition that is part of the ongoing reimagining of the Museum. We are excited to feature an example of Amazon’s work in the autonomous aerial delivery field—the Amazon Prime Air Hybrid Drone.

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Amazon Hybrid Delivery Drone
Tue, July 31 2018

Uncovering the Secrets of the Ranger 7

During the conservation of the Museum's Ranger 7 spacecraft, our conservator and space history curator uncovered some unexpected details about the object. 

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Ranger Spacecraft Cameras and Lens