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Wed, March 27 2019

Going Subsonic: Moving the T-38 Talon

Pioneering female pilot Jackie Cochran set eight world speed, altitude, and distance records in our Northrop T-38 Talon. In this blog, we talk to a member of our collections team about the process of moving the aircraft's fuselage from Maryland to Virginia in December 2018.

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Thu, February 7 2019

Virgin Galactic Rocket Motor Joins Air and Space Collection

What is a hybrid rocket motor? What advantages does it have over conventional liquid and solid propellant rocket motors? These questions point to an exciting breakthrough that occurred on December 13, 2018, when Virgin Galactic successfully launched VSS Unity on its first suborbital flight.

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Tue, February 5 2019

Together, We Ignite Tomorrow

Join us in the Mission to Transform the National Air and Space Museum. Together, we will ignite tomorrow.

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Tue, January 29 2019

Welcome Back to Air and Space

As we reopen our doors to the public after the recent government shutdown, we are now in the full-swing our own new adventure—reimagining America’s favorite museum for the next generation of aviators, scientists, and astronauts.

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Tue, December 18 2018

The Mechanics of Moving Apollo Spacesuits

As the Museum kicks off its massive project to reimagine Air and Space, many of the objects in our collection will be moved from their current location on the National Mall. The first objects on that list were also some of the most iconic in our collection: Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 and Gene Cernan’s Apollo 17 spacesuits.

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Thu, November 29 2018

Looking Back at "Looking at Earth"

After 32 years, the gallery will close on December 3 as the Museum embarks on a years-long project to revitalize our infrastructure and transform our exhibitions. What better time to take a look back at the early days of the exhibit and how it came together?

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Looking Back at "Looking at Earth"

Fri, October 19 2018

Photographing Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

The National Air and Space Museum collection is full of objects that tell the history of air and space exploration. Supervising photographer Jim Preston reflects on one of his favorite objects to photograph—Neil Armstrong’s Apollo 11 spacesuit.

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Mon, September 24 2018

Celebrating Air and Space's #IdeasThatDefy

The National Air and Space Museum is full of ideas that defy. Ideas that defy any obstacle, ideas that defy our expectations, ideas that literally defy gravity. Follow us as we discover the remarkable, the audacious, the outrageous, the #IdeasThatDefy.

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Tue, September 11 2018

Examining the Starship Enterprise 

It’s the ship that would boldly go on to make history—the Star Trek starship Enterprise studio model, used in the filming of the iconic television show, which premiered on NBC in September of 1966. Take a closer look at the makings of the starship Enterprise.

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Examining the Starship Enterprise 

Thu, September 6 2018

Conserving Spock's Ear

It’s become one of the most well-known appendages in pop culture history—Spock’s pointed ears, signaling him as half-Vulcan, and now synonymous with the beloved sci-fi series. The Museum’s conservation team recently treated a replica ear in our collection.

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